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Links to Panda web sites

If you know of any other sites that feature pandas or other travelling furry friends, please e-mail links@pandasontour.com and we'll link to the site.

  1. Pictures of pandas - clearly a photographer of discerning tastes.
  2. Smithsonian National Zoological Park Washington DC. You can view the pandas on live webcams.
  3. Pandas International : dedicated to reseraching and helping pandas.
  4. The Panda Blog: well, more a collection of interesting off-beat articles.
  5. Pandas on Tour - webshots.
  6. A web site about travelling cheese! www.cheeseontour.com.
  7. Black Country Good Beer Guide: the bears were there at the book's launch in April 2006. All copies have now been sold.
  8. Frimpong the Bear: a bear that travels the world, but in a box by post rather than with his best buddies.
  9. Little People in London: amusing photos of very small people left to fend for themselves in the Big City.
  10. Pandas on Tour home page

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