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Why do the bears travel?

Punchys at WWF HQ, Washington

Many years ago, a panda came to stay. Because he was the first panda to arrive, he was named "Panda Bear" or "P" for short (sometimes "P.B."). Gradually he invited many other pandas to come and stay with him. Some pandas came from other countries. Some pandas are big, some are small.

P B - the Main Bear

Dawn had the idea of photographing a panda in different locations for use in school. To the right is Punchy2 with Knuckles the Pig from Fredericton in New Brunswick, photographed on a teacher exchange visit.

Punchy2 with Knuckles

Punchy1 in Rosas Spain, 1999While Punchy 2 was in Canada, Punchy 1 stowed away with David and Martin on a trip to Rosas in Spain.
The photos went on the web late 1999, after which the pandas started receiving encouraging e-mails (

click for next page...The result is that the pandas have travelled further, been photographed more publicly and, in the Canadian Rockies in August 2001, were mobbed by a group of Japanese schoolgirls. While travelling Veitnam in 2003, they met other animals on tour.

This web site shows some of our bears' exploits.