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Tips for Travelers: Andalusia 2004

The Alhambra, Granada

Queuing here can be a pain. The box office opens at 8.00am but peak season people start queuing from seven in the morning. There are many tickets held back for day visitors. In April 2004, we queued for 2 hours.

Your ticket will then give you a half hour window in which you must enter the palace. Miss it and you don't get in. Your ticket will be timed for 3 or 4 hours after you buy the ticket but there is plenty to look at while you wait.

If you are confident when you will be there, book your ticket on-line or pay the extra to go with a guide but be prepared to abandon the group as they whiz round the place.

Web site: http://www.alhambra-patronato.es/ and for tickets http://www.alhambratickets.com

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