Pandas on Tour .... Washington D.C.

Bears @ the White HouseAugust 2001 and The Punchy Twins arrive in Washington. The president was away on a "working holiday", but the pandas didn't mind: after all, to them a Bush is just something you sit down and chew.

The Bears were in town to see Giant Pandas, but first they had some important duties to do for the Worldwide Fund for Nature. They were staying with a chap called Lee: a chap born in the next village to where the pandas live (Coven)

On the first afternoon, click for next pagea needle softball match was planned between staff of the WWF and a rather over-confident bunch of nature conservationists. The Punchy Twins were obliged to support the WWF team: not just because Lee works for them, but because the WWF has such a good and tasteful logo!